Print Envelopes and Labels Directly From
Microsoft Outlook Contacts!

Image: printing envelopes and labels from outlook contacts
  • No need for complicated mail merge!
  • Print multiple contacts with one click.
  • Print any envelope size.
  • Includes many Avery label templates.
  • Supports Dymo Label printers
  • Print a logo on envelopes and labels.
  • Save multiple return addresses.
  • Choose which contact fields to print.
  • Country specific city, region, postal code positioning.
  • POSTNET barcodes for USA addresses.
  • Great for holiday and invitation cards.

Envelopes for Microsoft® Outlook® is an add-in that places a button on each Outlook contact and also the main Outlook toolbar or ribbon for simple one click envelope and label printing. This is much more convenient than using the mail merge feature of Microsoft® Word - just select your contacts and click the envelope or labels button. All versions of Outlook from 2002 to 2016 including 64bit are supported. Easy to understand printer settings and feed options make printing envelopes the simple task it should be. Selectable contact address fields so that you do not have to manually edit the delivery address.

Microsoft® Windows® XP or newer including Windows 10.
Outlook 2003 thru 2016  (32bit and 64bit versions).

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Addressing Mail Guidelines

Here are some general tips when choosing your printing options from our easy to use envelope and labels printing software. While they are specific to the USPS they also apply to Canada Post guidelines as well. A link follows this section for guidelines for mailing in other countries. Envelopes For Microsoft Outlook software has some settings in 'Options/Address Formatting' that make sure all the elements in an address print in the order expected by the postal service in your country.

Only the United States Postal Service (USPS) can deliver to a P.O. Box. For this reason the recipient may choose to add the physical street address as line two, expanding the complete address to four lines. Providing both will allow a sender to ship via the USPS or a private carrier. Mail will be delivered to the line immediately above the city, state, zip code line.

  • The state and type of street, e.g. Lane, should be abbreviated.
  • The USPS discourages the use of periods and commas.
  • All Capital preferred, especially with fonts size 10 and smaller.
  • Omit punctuation in the delivery address except the hyphen in the +4 zip code.
  • Sans-serif font preferred.
  • No bold, condensed, italic, underlining or highly stylized attributes are allowed.
  • Recommended font size: 10-12

Example     Format
Name of addressee
House number and street name
Town + State abbreviation + ZIP+4 code

See the excellent reference at Wikipedia for addressing envelopes in many countries.

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