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Envelope printing FAQ and Knowledge base

Purchasing: What if  I do not have a PayPal account? How do I apply my license key? Can I install a licensed copy on more than one computer? I never received my license after purchasing - what do I do next?
installing: How do I install the Envelopes & Labels printing software? Where are the buttons for printing envelopes & labels on my Outlook toolbar? Why does the add-in disappear when you close and reopen Outlook? How do I enable or disable Outlook add-ins? Why doesn't clicking the Envelope or Labels buttons in Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016 do anything?
printing: How do I select multiple contacts for printing? How do I add a new envelope to the list of envelope choices? I don't see my custom envelope I created Why does it print to the main paper tray even though I chose an envelope feeder? What is a printer paper size or paper mismatch error?
I don't see anything on the envelope when printing The return address is missing of the left edge The return address is an inch or more from the envelope's left edge How do I print a return address below a pre printed logo? I tried everything and still can't get it to print properly

You can still purchase the software even if you do not have a PayPal account. When you arrive at the PayPal payment page you can use your credit card instead of logging in.

When you receive your license by email just follow the instructions for copying the license text to the clipboard. Make sure you are not copying the license from a browser web mail page as it may not parse out properly so instead use a proper email client such as Outlook. The next step is to click the envelope printing icon from any contact and then the license code you had previously copied will be automatically found by the add-in when it starts up. You do not have to manually paste anything as it will be done for you during the add-in startup. If you already have the envelope printing screen open when you want to apply the license key, then just click the About sub menu found under the Help menu.

If you are the only user of the software, you can install a copy on a second computer such as a laptop. If you have more than one user in your organization, then you need a license for each copy. Clicking the Buy Now button will give you several purchase options with discounts for multi user packs and site licensing pricing.

Normally your license is sent automatically within a couple of minutes of your completing the purchase. If you do not see your license email in your Inbox, then check your spam folder. If you still do not find it, then contact us using the contact form and ask for it to be resent.

• Make sure you have completely closed Outlook.
• Click the Download button — same button as "Try Now!".
• Choose Run when prompted.
• Follow the install prompts.
• When finished start Outlook.

The Envelopes & Labels addin has buttons on both the main toolbar and also on the toolbar in each contact. If you are using Outlook 2010 or newer with the Ribbon interface, then the buttons for Envelopes & Labels are found in Tools4Contacts group on the HOME tab.

When you are viewing the Outlook main window you will have to select a Contacts folder before the Tools4Contacts buttons are visible.

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If Outlook had previously popped an error trying to load the addin, it may have placed it on the disabled Items list. If you just installed the add-in while Outlook was running, then the addin will not load until you restart Outlook.

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Sometimes with a new install depending on your version of Windows and also on your user permissions, you will need to restart Windows if the buttons are missing. This is usually a one time situation that fixes itself.

If you experience a situation where an add-in disappears when you close and reopen Outlook 

Perhaps Outlook did not fully exit when you closed it. In this case, Outlook does not exit completely when you close its main window. This is usually caused by a third party add-in which prevents Outlook from exiting. Follow these steps to determine if Outlook stayed in memory after closing.
• Close Outlook
•  Open the Windows Task Manager
•  Switch to the Processes tab
•  Find OUTLOOK.EXE in the "Image Name" column
•  Select it and click "End Process"
•  Wait 5 seconds, then start Outlook again.
•  That should bring the missing button back.

The iTunes and Skype addins are notorious for keeping Outlook in memory after exiting Outlook. With iTunes it can only be fixed by removing it from the com addins list in Outlook. Skype can be tamed by going to the View menu in Skype and unchecking the 'Show Outlook Contacts' menu item and then reboot Windows.

If the above steps did not help and you still do not see the button after rebooting, it is possible that Outlook disabled the add-in. In that case, you can re-enable it by following the steps in the next section.

Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016:
•  Go to File and select Options
•  Click Add-Ins listed on the left sidebar
•  At the "Manage" dropdown list at the bottom select Com Add-ins
•  Click "Go"
•  Select the add-in from the list and click "Add"

Outlook 2007:
•  Go to Tools > Trust Center
•  Click on the Add-ins section.
•  Click on the "Go" button towards the bottom to open up the COM add-ins page.
•  You can now check or uncheck the add-ins you want to include or disable.
•  Restart Outlook.

XP and 2003:
•  Click the "Help" menu and select "About Microsoft Outlook"
•  Click the "Disabled Items" button in the lower right-hand corner
•  Select the add-in from the list and click "Enable"
•  Restart Outlook

First of all make sure you are using the latest version as there was an issue that has been fixed
If still experiencing the problem then select the Contacts folder, then click the View tab.
Click Change View and select Card or Business Card instead of People.

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For a continuous group of contacts first select the first one and then press and hold the Shift key and select the last contact.

To select contacts that are not adjacent to each other press and hold the Ctrl key and use the mouse to select multiple contacts.

After selecting your contacts click the Envelopes icon on the main toolbar.

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You can add new envelope definitions using the simple form on the Options tab.

If you use the inches option for the dimensions you can use a decimal format such as 4.125 or a fraction such as 4 1/8. There must be a space between the whole number and fractional part.

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If your printer driver doesn't support user defined envelopes sizes and your saved envelopes are not showing, then switch to using the "Custom" option found on the Options/Printers panel.

This may happen if you have an envelope stacker or feed tray that is specifically for envelopes only or a paper size detection feature that is not compatible with how the software normally works. The solution is to select the "Use Printer Driver Envelope Settings" option found in the Envelope Feed Options section on the Options tab.

Chances are you may have selected the wrong feed option. Refer to your printer manual or look for an envelope symbol on your printer paper bin.

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Select the proper feed options on the Options tab.
Make sure you have a full size sheet of paper in the printer.

Click the Test Print button which will print an outline of the envelope on the paper to see where the output actually went with the settings you chose.

If you have a dedicated envelope feed slot and cannot get the feed settings to match it, then see if you can feed the envelope in the normal paper bin and select either the left or right feed option depending which side your printer's movable paper guides slide to.

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Select the Clockwise Rotation option if the return address is too far to the right by an inch or more, or uncheck that option if the return address is missing and everything else is too close to the left edge.

Usually inkjet printers require the rotate option and laser printers do not.

Add several carriage returns at the beginning of your return address so that it will print further down.

If your printer is not positioning the text on the envelope properly even though you are sure you are using the correct settings, then we would like to hear from you.

• Follow the troubleshooting steps in this flowchart
• Click the Test Print button on the Options tab using a full size sheet of paper.
Contact us here or click the Contact menu at the top of the page.
• Tell us the model printer you are using.
• Tell us what size envelope you were printing on.
• Describe exactly where the border on the test print appeared on the paper. Measure from the top and closest side edge of the paper.

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